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Outdated Charcoal 2013-12-12

Allows turning wood into charcoal.

  1. simplex
    While Indignant Koala added a recipe for turning 10 unrefined wood into 1 coal, it may be deemed as having too steep of a cost, encouraging needless additional grinding and deflorestation.

    This mod attempts to address that by adding a recipe for charcoal. 3 pieces of unrefined wood turn into 2 pieces of charcoal when placed in the stone furnace, with each charcoal giving you 1 fuel point. This effectively turns unrefined wood into a 33% less efficient fuel than it was before it was removed as a direct fuel source.

    The vanilla wood -> coal recipe is disabled, since otherwise it would clash with the recipe added by the mod (since the ingredients are the same).


    The installation procedure adheres to this guide (skip section 3.b). So
    1. Create a folder called "mods" in the base Starbound installation directory.
    2. Place the Charcoal folder (found inside the zip) there.
    3. Include the "../mods/Charcoal" line to the assetSources in bootstrap.config (adding a comma to the preceding line), as better explained in the linked guide.
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Recent Reviews

  1. sixxes
    Version: 2013-12-12
    A good idea for those that don't like the grind, but could be implemented better. The addition of charcoal instead of coal eliminates roughly 2/3 of coal's uses (refined ores like steel, torches) which are available with the vanilla recipes.

    I would suggest tweaking the numbers on the current recipe instead, without adding a new item used strictly for fuel. Or, to expand on charcoal, make the ores craftable with it and possibly add new "charcoal torches" that give a different amount of light than normal torches or something like that.
    1. simplex
      Author's Response
      Well, I chose to add charcoal instead of outputting coal precisely to keep it from being used as an ingredient. As you put it, coal has many uses, so, if it were efficiently produced from wood, mining it would become pointless. For balance, then, I'd have to lower the output ratio from its current 2:3, but then I feel wood would become too weak of a (indirect) fuel source.

      The use of charcoal, an item whose only use is as fuel, allows me more freedom in choosing an output ratio for the recipe without disturbing other components of the game balance.