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Cherub Race Mod(updated) SB v1.3.0+ Mod V1.0

The Cherub race from Homestuck

  1. Minor Update

    Yooo another update. Here's what has been done and added:

    -More names for name generation.
    -Few armors and weapons.
    -Predomination Wings

    The weapons are kinda op. But mostly so the Tier 3 Anvil one. I tried to balance things out by making the Green Sun cane require significant resources to obtain. Here's the recipe for those who might want to start collecting the resources early:

    For the Green Sun Cane recipe itself:

    1 Gold Cherub Cane
    1000 Green Sun Essence

    The recipe for the Cherub Cane:
    100 Gold Bars

    The Recipe for 1000 Green Sun Essence:

    1000 Waste Liquid
    1000 Slime Liquid
    1000 Swamp Liquid
    1000 Healing Liquid
    1000 Liquid Erchius Fuel
    1000 Lava
    1000 Oil
    1000 Milk
    5000 pixels
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