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Cherub Race Mod(updated) SB v1.3.0+ Mod V1.0

The Cherub race from Homestuck

  1. Cherub Race working again!

    So I updated my cherub race Mod to work with starbound versions 1.3.0 and above. I'm gonna update my troll race too, soon. I just updated this one first because it's the one I use myself and I realized my race was ultimately broken in the newer versions.

    The downside is, I haven't re-added the recipes and items nor the namegen. So in order for you to continue playing on a save from an old version, you have to load Starbound with the old version of my mod and go into the save and trash the...
  2. Minor Update

    Yooo another update. Here's what has been done and added:

    -More names for name generation.
    -Few armors and weapons.
    -Predomination Wings

    The weapons are kinda op. But mostly so the Tier 3 Anvil one. I tried to balance things out by making the Green Sun cane require significant resources to obtain. Here's the recipe for those who might want to start collecting the resources early:

    For the Green Sun Cane recipe itself:

    1 Gold Cherub Cane
    1000 Green Sun Essence

    The recipe for the Cherub...
  3. Beta Update

    This mod is now shifting from Alpha to Beta, and is fully playable. Update details:

    -Krinklef*cked out the minor graphical bugs.
    -Fixed a game breaking bug.
    -Minor description tweak.
    -Emotes finished
    -New blood colors that more adequately fit the Cherub race, as well Calliope's blood color is now added too.

    CherubPreview1.png CherubPreview2.png CherubPreview3.png CherubPreview4.png