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Classical Weaponry 2.1

Brand new melee weapon types, with more coming soon!

  1. Sabers! Also some recipe adjustments, and an updated Tungsten Rapier

    Added the first 4 tiers of the Saber weapon type.
    Sabers are a bit slower than the rapier, and don't have aimability, but their wide slashes cover a much larger area, and they also have a little bit more knockback.

    Also adjusted the recipes for Rapiers and Estocs to use a more reasonable amount of materials (something comparable to the shortsword).

    And finally, the Tungsten Rapier has been given an updated sprite since sabers are now a class of their own. The old sprite is still...
  2. Fixed Solus Estoc

    Fixed a typo in the Solus Estoc file causing it to not work properly.
  3. Compatibility update. IMPORTANT CHANGE! PLEASE READ!!!

    This mod should now be compatible with virtually anything, as long as it doesn't change the vanilla weapon scripts.

    The IDs of all weapons have been changed, and this unfortunately means that any weapons already in your possession will become Perfectly Generic Items.
    If you want to use the spawnitem command to get your lost items back, the new IDs follow this format: cw + <lowercase name without spaces> with "alt" added at the end for alternate forms (dark titanium and...
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  4. Solus Halberd

    The Halberd line of weapons is now complete!

    What's next? Who knows! Might be a unique weapon or two, or it might be the saber or katana class. Haven't decided yet. lol

    You can also expect a compatibility update to be coming soon.
  5. Finally! The Violium Halberd is here!

    Added the Violium Halberd, complete with an enhanced special attack!
    How is it enhanced? That's a secret. :nurutease: You'll just have to find out for yourself!

    I've gotta say... MAN, that was a pain! But now that I've got a good basis made, the Solus tier should be coming a lot quicker than this one did. Stay tuned!
  6. One more try...

    Don't know what's going on, but hopefully it actually uploads correctly this time. If not, I might have to host it elsewhere.
  7. Recipe "fix"

    The recipe for the halberds should have already been fixed, but for some weird reason, it was still not working for some people. So I double checked to make sure it was right, and then just changed the name of the archive so the uploader would (hopefully) recognize that it's a new file and not just keep and old version up for downloading. So hopefully the correct version is up now. lol

    If it was already working for you, nothing has changed. This is just an attempt to figure out why some...
  8. little hotfix

    fixed the recipe for the tungsten halberd
  9. Birdies of the Hal variety

    Added Halberds, from Iron up to Durasteel. Violium and Solus are coming soon.
  10. Solus Estoc!

    Added the Solus Estoc.
    And with that, we now have two complete weapon lines from iron all the way up to solus. Halberds will be coming next!