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CN More Farming: Revitalization - Frackin' Universe Addon v1.1.38

Use Frackin' Universe and want to spice of your kitchen with plants from it's various planets?

  1. ColonolNutty
    Now available on Steam! Check it out here
    THIS REQUIRES "CN MORE FARMING: REVITALIZATION" IT CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM THISHERELINK -> https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/cn-more-farming-revitalization.4537/

    Do you use Frackin' Universe and are disappointed the plants from CN More Farming don't appear on any of it's planets? Well, prepare for undisappointment, because now they will!​

    Github Repository (Also the place you can download the mod):
    This is probably the best place to log any issues or suggestions you've got:

    If you enjoy the mod, consider donating to my patreon account https://www.patreon.com/colonolnutty
    • More Farming crops appear in Frackin' Universe biomes​
    • Hydroponics tray and Growing tray can grow More Farming crops​
    • Frackin' Universe recipes are craftable through the MFM system​

    Author Note:
    If you feel a plant or crop should appear on a planet or you have any other suggestions, shoot me a PM or log a ticket in github. I'm open to any and all suggestions.

    Required Mods:
    • Jaseofbase for the original Yes Chef mod
    • BigBlueSerpent for the original original idea and implementation
    • Mackinz for the initial reboot of the mod and the creation of the mega mod as well as Rattan Crops
    • rare_candy_bracelet for making a large portion of the images of objects, items, etc.
    • ColonolNutty (me) for creating the compatability for this
    • Lord Humungus for old mods to incorporate
    • Bughunter for Prickly Pears
    • Ulithium_Dragon for Animated Fly Trap
    • Petrenko for Bamboo (renamed Great Bamboo) and Cactus (renamed Saguaro)
    • Thundercraft for Holiday Trees
    • CrispyBlockland for Crispy Food Crops and Crispy Food Stuffs
    • rosett for Farmable Fuels and Foods
    • Bestpick for More Foods
    • olaorman for Garpberries
    • steelndirt for Soybeans
    • MtgVoryo for Eggplant and Coconut Palm
    • DoomFire for Underground Chocolate Biome
    • LunaOculi for Underground Chocolate Biome Art
    • Revvemup/777Dan777 for the Watermelon Sprites from the Moon Melons mod
    Special Thanks (Offered Suggestions and provided feedback, if I missed you, speak up!):
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.
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    Version: v1.1.15
    YES!!!!! THANK YOU
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    Version: v1.1.14
    The compatibility of mods that were missing to fans of the Frackin Universe.