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[COLORBOUND] 2015/2014 1.0.0

[COLORBOUND] adds 635 + 900 new color selection options for PCs and NPCs! MultiplayerFriendly™!

  1. Seraphi


    Human.gif Avian.gif Apex.gif Floran.gif Hylotl.gif Glitch.gif Novakid.gif

    [COLORBOUND] is now free to use as a resource.
    Add it to your mod pack; edit it; upload variants and additions...
    Just don't steal it and claim it as your own work.

    Please check the [USAGE] section at the bottom of this page.

    [COLORBOUND] 2015 Steam Workshop version:

    [COLORBOUND] 2014 Steam Workshop version:


    [COLORBOUND] adds 635 and/or 900 new individual color options to STARBOUND that both Player Characters and NPCs can use!


    Each color palette is unique to that race and option, and are as thematically friendly as possible in terms of shades and tones, covering the full RGB spectrum.

    [COLORBOUND] is also MultiplayerFriendly™ and (stable) UpdateFriendly™! Other people will be able to see the colors of characters created with [COLORBOUND] in multiplayer, even if those people do not have [COLORBOUND] installed!

    Characters created with [COLORBOUND] colors will also retain those colors even if [COLORBOUND] is removed or stops working after an update.


    [COLORBOUND] adds the new colors as follows:


    NOTE: [COLORBOUND]+635 was originally revision III of the [COLORBOUND] mod. [COLORBOUND]+900 was originally revision II of the [COLORBOUND] mod (aka [COLORBOUND+).

    [COLORBOUND]+635 and [COLORBOUND]+900 are independent of each other. You can install one or the other, or both of them.

    There is no overlap: The colors in [COLORBOUND]+635 and [COLORBOUND]+900 are different.



    Color options are arranged by their placement in the RGB spectrum.

    After the default STARBOUND colors, the [COLORBOUND] options will cycle from red to brown to orange to yellow to green, and so on (with the colors from +635 cycling before the colors from +900 if you have both versions installed).

    This arrangement is what an RGB slider would do if one were present in the game. (It's not ideal, but there isn't a lot I can do about it.)

    Should a different color selection method ever be added, [COLORBOUND] should remain relevant as a NPC color variety modification, even if the player side of things becomes obsolete.



    Thanks to TakasuRyuji of the Chucklefish Community Forums, [COLORBOUND] also includes an integrated compatibility patch for the DETAILED SPECIES mod.



    People who also have the DETAILED SPECIES mod installed should find that the "Apex Stripe" glitch has been fixed without having to do anything extra!

    However, people who do not have the DETAILED SPECIES mod won't see any change. [COLORBOUND] does not require the DETAILED SPECIES mod to be installed to function.

    (Note: This won't fix Apex characters created prior to installing the patched mod.)



    To install [COLORBOUND], move the "[COLORBOUND]+X" folder(s) to your Starbound "\mods" directory.

    To uninstall [COLORBOUND], simply delete the "[COLORBOUND]+X" folder(s) from your Starbound "\mods" directory.

    Removing [COLORBOUND] after already making a character should not negatively impact your game, as the color values are stored in your character file and in the values of any NPCs that already


    Any NPCs created after the removal should will draw from the default pool of colors when they are spawned. Any existing NPCs should retain the colors they had prior to the removal of the mod.



    [COLORBOUND] should be compatible with everything.



    [COLORBOUND] is free to use as a resource.

    Add it to your mod pack; edit it; upload variants and additions...
    Just don't steal it and claim it as your own work.

    Can you add this modification to a ModPack?
    ◦ Yes (credit is not required, but is always appreciated).

    Can you cut and paste these colors into your own mod?
    ◦ Yes (providing you make note of it).

    Can you expand upon this mod and reupload it as an updated version?
    ◦ Yes (providing you clearly label it as an expansion).

    ∙ Can you upload this mod to other Starbound mod sites?
    ◦ No.

    It's inconvenient, but if you include this in a complication pack, please remove COLORBOUND from the pack if you upload your pack anywhere else.

    (It will probably end up on Russian sites anyway, though.)

    ∙ Did you read everything up to this line?
    ◦ You're awesome and probably popular with the opposite and/or same sex!


    Have fun!


    * +635 is actually 3,060 hexadecimal codes.
    * +900 is actually 7,000 hexadecimal codes.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. spacer.gif
    2. CB++.png
    3. Avian_Sheet.png
    4. Floran_Sheet.png
    5. Glitch_Sheet.png
    6. Human_Sheet.png
    7. Hylotl_Sheet.png
    8. Novakid_Sheet.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Kokito
    Version: 1.0.0
  2. Ram Hum
    Ram Hum
    Version: 1.0.0
    a wonderful thing if you think npcs look too same-y
  3. Dewritos
    Version: 1.0.0
    This mod is super awesome.You can make a lot of new colors for your character and i really like it.Good job with the mod
  4. HoaxRumors
    Version: 1.0.2
    Ah, Colorbound, one of the few on my "Always Install" list. And best of all, I don't have to pester my friends into downloading it just so they can benefit from my having the exact shade of [insert color here] for my characters. :D

    Only way it'd be any better is if Starbound had a color system more complex than "forward/back", and that probably isn't happening any time soon. Ah, well!
    1. Seraphi
      Author's Response
      If it had a color system more complex than "forward/back", [COLORBOUND] would become mostly obsolete, and I would welcome that day.

      In the interim, even just NUMBERS on the selections would be great.

      Anyway, thanks for the kind words!
  5. MortalityRate0
    Version: 3.2 | Upbeat Giraffe
    Thank you, this was exactly what I was looking for! And super easy to install!
  6. Amethystumn
    Version: 3.2 | Upbeat Giraffe
    I love this mod, it gives me the ability to make a very unique looking floran with so many colours to choose from. I hope you add even more colours! If not, that's okay, I am very happy with this mod and I think it deserves the highest possible rating, thank you for making this and sharing it with us !
    1. Seraphi
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Honestly, though, without a better GUI for color selection, 「COLORBOUND」has pretty much gone as far as it can go without descending into million-click-selection hell.
  7. HighUpInTheUniverse
    Version: 3.2 | Upbeat Giraffe
    An Alien high up in the universe stopped doing inappropriate things because of this mod.
    It makes StarBound beautiful
    Quite literally.
  8. --MaZaFaZa--
    Version: 3.2 | Upbeat Giraffe
    I really liked your mod but I dont like changed people in the Outpost , Can I somehow make them look like they did before ?
    1. Seraphi
      Author's Response
      I don't know what you mean.
  9. The Alonne
    The Alonne
    Version: 3.2 | Upbeat Giraffe
    Nice work!
  10. mappo
    Version: 3.2 | Upbeat Giraffe
    It's really awesome! And could I use your color data in my custom doll creatore mod ?
    1. Seraphi
      Author's Response
      Sure (as long as you credit me)!