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[COLORBOUND] 2015/2014 1.0.0

[COLORBOUND] adds 635 + 900 new color selection options for PCs and NPCs! MultiplayerFriendly™!

  1. Detailed Species Integrated Patch // Slight Name Change

    Because of the confusion that [COLORBOUND] and [COLORBOUND]+ have been causing over on the Steam Workshop (look at what you wrought!), I've decided to change the name of the folders vis-a-vis mod names a little.
    • [COLORBOUND] is now [COLORBOUND]+635
    • [COLORBOUND]+ is now [COLORBOUND]+900
    The .metadata files have also been updated to reflect the changes.

    You don't really need to download and install the mod again if you don't want to. It's really just a cosmetic folder name change (and a change of the name of the mod in the mod listing in the main menu).

    If you want to, that's your choice, though.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. (*-ω-)

    Thanks to TakasuRyuji, I have integrated the a patch into both versions of the mod that should fix the "Apex Stripe" visual bug that was being caused by using [COLORBOUND] and DETAILED SPECIES together.

    If you don't use DETAILED SPECIES, then you won't see any difference. If you DO use it, then hopefully the change should be apparent.

    Thanks, TaksuRyuji!

    I decided to give the overview page a bit of a polish. There's a new logo, a new table, and I've reworded the description a little. Nothing too exciting, but it is what it is.
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