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[COLORBOUND] 2015/2014 1.0.0

[COLORBOUND] adds 635 + 900 new color selection options for PCs and NPCs! MultiplayerFriendly™!

  1. [COLORBOUND] 2015/2014

    I've decided to rename the mods from "[COLORBOUND]+635" and "[COLORBOUND]+900" to "[COLORBOUND] 2015" and "[COLORBOUND] 2014", respectively.

    There's a bigger reason for doing this, but one of the main factors is that the +635/+900 suffixes seem to be confusing people on the Steam Workshop (because they don't read anything in the descriptions).

    Specifically, people seem to think that +900 is an updated version of +635 instead of the two being different mods.

    I mean, I doubt that changing the names to 2015/2014 will solve the issue entirely, but it might help.

    If you already have the mods downloaded and installed, then you really don't need to download these again. The only difference is that I've included folder images and updated the metadata information.

    Once again, sorry for inconvenience.
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