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Combinable Augments 2.1.2

1 augment to rule them all!

  1. Bug Fixes and new way to combine epps and augments

    - fixed the fracking universe mobility and vanilla mobility augment causing the name of the vanilla augment to go away
    - you can now merge epps together and merge epps with augments so that you don't have to build up 1 master op augment but progress while using them.
    - finally fixed the fracking universe Kinetic Field IV showing as Kinetic Field V or any other effect that went to level 5 and up.
    - finally fixed the error causing the fracking universe kinetic field to have no effect if merged with a lower level kinetic field augment
    - epp that have been combined with other epps or an augment through the augment combiner now changes the tooltip to make it more readable
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