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Community Weapons Pack 0.4

A weapons mod pack based on the communities ideas.

  1. New Weapons, New Object, Bug Fixes

    Added Weapons:
    1 Fatman - Fallout
    2 Sledgehammer - Red Faction
    3 Elucidator - Sword Art Online
    4 Dark Repulser - Sword Art Online
    5 Ghal Maraz - Warhammer
    6 Deku Stick - Zelda
    7 Dark Cloud - Dark Cloud

    Added Object:
    Dimensional Workbench

    Made recipes for both the R.Y.N.O and the Whip. "Were previously inaccessible other than cheating."
    Hammers no longer break combat.
    Corrected short descriptions on all weapons.
    Redone rarity for all weapons.
    Redone price value for all weapons. "Everything still costs 1 pixel, but will change in future updates."

    To access all weapons you must first craft the Dimensional Workbench from the Inventors Table.

    If there are any bugs don't hesitate to let me know, I'll try my best to fix them.
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