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Outdated Creative Mode - Complete control over your experience. 1.4.5

A mod that allows modifying the game experience through in-game items.

  1. 1.4.5 released. (Pleased Giraffe Stable)

    Updated to Pleased Giraffe and everything that came with it.

    - Removed non-existent items.
    - Added new items (goddamn there's a lot).
    - Changed quests because structure slightly changed (no change for players).
    - Removed plasma guns, legendary guns and the pulse rifle in the randomized box, they seem to have been removed from the game.
  2. 1.4.4 released. (Spirited Giraffe Stable)

    - Added new items, removed old ones to update to spirited.

    Don't expect new features, I'm too busy with other things to work on this.
  3. 1.4.3 released. (Upbeat Giraffe Stable)


    - Removed non-existing items, and added the new ones.
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  4. 1.4.2 released. (Upbeat Giraffe Stable)


    - Added remaining missing items
    - Removed liquid guns in favor for crafting the vanilla liquids
  5. 1.4.1 released. (Upbeat Giraffe Stable)


    - Added liquids to the Spawning Box, under Techy Stuff

    Staffs and randomized swords will have to wait for now. It's definitely planned though.
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  6. 1.4.0 released. (Upbeat Giraffe Stable)


    - Updated to Upbeat Giraffe Stable!

    To all you people that were so freaking impatient, keep in mind this is a hobby to everyone that is doing any kind of modding. We're putting in free time to bring you something for completely free. Think about this the next time you think you have earned the right to complain about something like this. /rant
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  7. 1.3.6 released (Upbeat Giraffe Unstable)


    - Updated to the new Unstable release (removed some items, added the new ones)
    - Tip: Search for Perfect in the Spawning Box and get yourself the 3 Perfect armor pieces.
    - Added 2 new scripts to the Random Box. One to spawn the different plasma guns (only rare and common exist for them).
    - The other to spawn all the misc. guns that only have one possible rarity level (that's 19 more gun types!)
  8. 1.3.5 released. (Upbeat Giraffe Unstable)


    - Removed trackerhead, trackerchest, trackerlegs and gunchest from the recipes. People were having issues with them.
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  9. 1.3.4 released. (Upbeat Giraffe Unstable)


    - Some more bugfixes.
    - Removed some old assets I wasn't using anymore.
    - Replaced Random Box or whatever it was called with the Random Equipment Box. Only spawns guns for now, will add swords and shields later.
    - The Random Equipment Box is built for the UI library made by PenguinToast with my own take on it. Props to that guy!

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  10. 1.3.3 Released. (Upbeat Giraffe Unstable)

    - Some more bugfixes. I swear I'll stop for the day now.