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Crucible Armory 0.5

Test your light with weapons from Destiny's Crucible

  1. The one to add more guns

    added some more guns
  2. The one to add crafting

    This update does not add new weapons, rather a new crafting table, in the form of Lord Shaxx. Glimmer is also added in this update, but it's not really used for anything. Also, I wouldn't recommend inspecting Lord Shaxx...
  3. The one to update some of the guns.

    This version of the mod brings the first three weapons into 1.0.

    Those weapons would be:
    - Antipodal Hindsight
    - Byronic Hero
    - Tao Hua Yuan

    Also, the spawnpoint of the bullet is a bit... weird, so if anybody would like to inform me about how to fix them, that would be great.
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  4. More New Guns

    -Havoc Pigeon
    -Last Extremity
    -The Next Big Thing
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  5. New Guns

    -The Smolder - Legendary Rocket Launcher
    -The Dealbreaker - Legendary Assault Rifle
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  6. Name Fix

    Renamed Antipodal Hindsight from Ferozium Rifle.
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