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Custom Space Station Rooms - Freely Buildable Expansion Areas 1.3.1 for Starbound 1.3

Allows you to expand your space stations with freely buildable areas.

  1. 1.1 - Corridor/Shaft Modules and Reduced Prices

    - Added Horizontal Free Build Corridor (one cell wide)
    - Added Long Horizontal Free Build Corridor (three cells wide)
    - Added Vertical Free Build Shaft (one cell long)
    - Added Long Vertical Build Shaft (three cells long)
    - Changed price for Free Build Area (250 Pixels, 20 Wire)
    - Changed price for Large Free Build Area (500 Pixels, 50 Wire)
    - All one cell long modules are all 250 Pixels, 20 Wire
    - All three cell long modules are 500 Pixels, 50 Wire

    (Prices may not update on existing stations)
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