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Daily Screenshot 1.0.3

Automatically takes a daily screenshot of your entire farm.

  1. Daily Screenshot - 1.0.2 Release

    Hi all,

    A few bugs were found in the mod, so a new release is now available to download. All known bugs are now fixed. One particularly nice change is that now your screenshots will be sent to the StardewValley/Screenshots folder! This is the folder that you can navigate to in-game under "Options" in the menu. Configurations are still not available yet sadly, but those are on track to be released in the v1.1.0 update. So stay tuned for that!


    • Fixed bug where some players' buildings were invisible in screenshots.
    • Fixed bug where players could not take screenshots in multiple save files without restarting the game each time.
    • Fixed bug where weather in screenshots was always clear, with actual in-game weather visible in upper-left hand corner. Now weather in screenshots always appears the same as it does in-game.
    • Added more update keys so that when the mod is updated, a more player-friendly website will show up as a link instead of GitHub.
    • Changed destination folder of screenshots to be StardewValley/Screenshots (which can be accessed in-game in the menu, at the bottom of the "Options" tab).
    • Made it so that if the player has a screenshot taken but then later restarts the day, another screenshot will be taken and will overwrite the old one.
    • No longer requires MapImageExport dependency.
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