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Darkbound Race Mod 1.0

Add the Darkbound as a new race.

  1. Soron
    First Starbound mod ever, first mod uploaded ever. Description may be clumsy.

    It needs fixing and polishing but i'm currently very tired of it and it is very playable anyway so i post it now. It will be uploaded on Steam Later,

    This mod add the Darkbound race to the game, i tried my best to respect the original concepts: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/darkbound-legacy-of-the-lucent-update-part-2.8560/
    I did that because i wanted to give a life to this dead project that made me dream. This is appropriate i guess since the mod does look like a zombie X)

    The race have its own (recolored) ship, its own pet, AI, its own flag, and its own weapons.

    You can craft the items at the Darkbound Armory, itself crafted at the Inventor's Table.

    There are 17 weapons, 2 of them are 1 handed swords and one of them is a laser gun. The rest are 2 handed swords. The gun can be upgraded at the Weapon Upgrade Anvil.

    -About the laser gun, i had no idea how to make it work totally standalone, so either you have a purple beam, or the intended green beam at the cost of the Erchius Eye normal purple beam, the green beam is out by default, to have it go in the ¨GreenBeam¨ folder and read the readme, its pretty simple. I'd be gratefull if someone helped me with that one.

    There is also a Darkbound Virorb and a Darkbound Poptop plush.


    20161218221622_1.jpg dar (1).jpg dar (2).jpg

    Current known problems:

    -Well, the gun.

    -Probably unbalanced weapons, i don't think i'll ever do something about it myself since i'm crap in balance (and i play starbound like all good cheaters do, so its even harder to say)

    -I'm not that great in english, there is probably some error in in-game textes, or just in this description X) I also think the description itself could be better so whatever.

    -Some folders arrangments are clumsy.

    -No icons for this race appear in the character creation menu.

    -The crafting menu of the Darkbound Armory also don't seem to have one, didn't see that until now and its one of the first items i made so not sure what i did, its also low on fix priority so it may stay like this for a while.

    -There is no known game-breaking problems, I did a complete game and didn't find one. Please tell me if you find any.

    I am mostly done with this mod, at least for some time. Anyone is free to add contents themselves however.
    If i come back to it and learn how to animate swords i may add some swords, more guns could be possible but dunno if i will have the will for it.

    Don't forget this mod probably need a race extender. I also recommend an invisible clothes mod if you don't want to wear an armor.

    Thanks to DrPvtSkittles for the race template, made my life easier, Xelslime for letting me use his pet and flag as template. And to the original creators of the Darkbound. Some weapons are direct old concepts, even if i did redraw them by hand, the queen AI image is not made by me at all however.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Recipes update.

Recent Reviews

  1. lockclamp
    Version: 1.0
    nice mod
  2. Anonoriginal
    Version: 1.0
    it works, BUT...there are little to no hairstyles, no icon in race select screen, no backstory, and is an extreme WIP. i really like the aesthetic of it but it needs a lot more work. i haven't tried the armory yet or anything like that. but the race itself needs a lot of work.
  3. jasonmikey
    Version: 1.0
    darkbounds look awesome+epic gun
  4. LittleTommy
    Version: 1.0