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Deku from The Legend of Zelda ! 1.04

Play as a Deku in Starbound !

  1. Hair update !!

    Hi all !
    First of all thanks for the 500 downloads !!
    I would then wish you a merry christmas and an happy new year, and present you a little update for my mod that replace all flora's hair by custom deku's hair.
    I can't ensure that the next update will come soon, but i'll start working on custom armor and weapons.
    See you next time !
  2. Pleased Giraffe Update fix

    A small update in order to fix some crashs due to the new release. You can now enjoy the Pleased Giraffe update with your Deku !
  3. littles improvements

    -4 new hairs added
    -Skin color option added
    -Flag improved