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Delusive Dimensions v0.1

Exploring the folds of the multiverse, one dimension at a time...

  1. G.Xyon
    Hey guys! The mod is in an incredibly early alpha! Currenly, only the mechanics of traveling have been implemented, and nearly all items are currently unaccesible, but are implemented. The dungeon puzzles are still in the works, but will be implemented as soon as possible! If you want to see how the mod's development is going so far, and would like to pitch in some development ideas, feel free to do so via the forums!

    Just to reiterate, the mod is in a very early alpha and there is barely any content to go by! The mod has been placed here to mark progression, as well for those who have been genuinely curious about the mod and its mechanics. Leave your ratings and reviews for a later time, and instead pass by the forums to leave some feedback!

    With that said, now, for the actual mod!

    PS. You're probably thinking, "Heeey, I've seen this concept before!", in which you would be right! Delusive Dimensions is a personal take on an old mod for Minecraft named Dimensional Doors, which I have enjoyed much more than I should. I plan to, hopefully, invoke the same emotions of mystery, adventure, and spook that the mod had given me when I first played it.

    Do you dare delve between the folds of the multiverse, and attain answers to questions never asked... or risk ending up within the abysmal planes of Limbo...?

    What is Delusive Dimensions?
    Delusive Dimensions is a mod based on adventure and risk-and-reward, through the exploration of the unknown. Initially, your experience will begin extremely simple, only offering a strange shrine which only spawns on moons.

    When finding this shrine, you will encounter a Dimensional Door. This door will be the gateway between the real world and the creaks and folds in-between the universe, allowing access to things no mere mortal should ever experience!

    If you do so feel brave, or reckless enough, to enter this gateway, you will find yourself within the 0th Dimension, nicknamed the Delusive Hub.

    This "Hub" will offer you a variety of options. One door will give you the option to return to your previous location; another to hop into the outpost or join your friends. A special door serves as a merchant with peculiar items for sale.

    Although, if you so choose to enter the door behind the Hazard blocks, then... you will begin your descent through the Deep Dimensions.

    The Deep Dimensions are extremely varied and will almost never be the same as your last experience. The doors rotate and change around you with every turn of a corner, offering you a different dimension to explore every time. You will encounter hazards, and survivability is only but a tile away, if you're not careful...

    However, if you think you're safe crossing these folds, think again! As soon as you step foot within the Deep Dimensions, there is a 10% chance of stepping foot in the wrong place, and delving even deeper within these realms raises this to a staggering 20% chance of entering Limbo.

    What's Limbo, you may ask? It's the place where meddling, ignorant, and greedy adventurers end up when they ignore the multiverse's warnings... it's a very lonely place, just you and yourself... and the millions of other adventurers that succumbed to Limbo's eternal solitude. We all hope you came prepared...

    • An entire new way to experience dungeon spelunking! Delve between the fabric of reality like never before.
    • A whole new way to give yourself heart attacks with Shattered variations of dimensions!
    • Vast, vast emptiness to make sure you remember that you're alone in the multiverse...
    • [Available Soon] A handful of new items, furniture, weapons, and armors!
    • [Available Soon] Your very on pocket portal, to build and shape as you please!
    • [Coming Soon] A plethora of puzzles with amazing rewards... if you can pass them!
    • [Coming Soon] Gateways into new world! What new universe will you end up next...?


    • This mod modifies the dungeon generation of vanilla moons; if a mod overwrites the moon dungeons, then this mod might not work!
    • Currently only spawns in VANILLA moons: if you're running FU, it will be fairly difficult to find a gateway! You might want to keep trying to search for vanilla moons.

    DELUSIVE DIMENSIONS want you (yes, your beautiful face) as a participant in the active development of the mod!

    Q: How can I help?
    A: Ideas, ideas, and more ideas! The entire point of the mod is to bring as much creativity in a blank canvas as possible! You can submit your dungeon ideas, whether they are puzzles or treasure room, and if they are accepted, they will be included in the mod! Of course, full credit will be given to the originator of the idea for the design of the dungeon, both in-game and in this page!

    Q: Do I need to be a master spriter?
    A: Absolutely... not! You can submit whatever design you like, in ANY form of media; verbal, graphical, or even auditive! As long as we get a clear understanding of what the design is, everything goes. You can draw it by pen-and-paper, Photoshop, MS Paint, describe it in a forum post, ASCII art, record your voice... well, you get the point.

    Q: How will I know my thing got accepted/implemented in the mod?
    A: I will personally mention it within the forums through a reply, as well as create a unique certificate item in-game that will be available to players regardless of success rate, which will clearly state who the author of the dungeon/treasure room is.

    Q: I have way more questions!
    A: Then there's a forum for a reason! Pass by and ask me whatever!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

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  2. Minor improvements!
  3. Very small updates!

Recent Reviews

  1. 0987123
    Version: v0.1
  2. Alhrguy
    Version: v0.1
    This mod is awesome. Fantastic concept done really well. Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us!
  3. otisjasmodeus
    Version: v0.1
    haven't messed with it yet, but I cant wait to see what comes out of it, looks really promising.
  4. Arra
    Version: v0.1
    Hehe, massive twilight zone feel. Juuuuuust waiting for something spoopy to happen