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Difficulty Overhaul, Plus, and Nightmare Edition 1.2

Make Starbound harder with these modular mods!

  1. SomethingRetarded
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    This an overhaul to both Starbound’s overall difficulty as well as Difficulty+. It takes my favorite parts of Difficulty+ and Difficulty+ Nightmare Edition, their add-ons, and what I learned when making B.Y.O.S Megapack and combines it all into one mod.
    Difficulty Overhaul requires a new character (unless you previously made this character with Difficulty+ Nightmare Edition).
    If you are looking for direct links to Difficulty+ or Nightmare Edition (or their steam links), then go to the bottom.

    What Difficulty Overhaul Is
    Difficulty Overhaul is the latest version of Difficulty+, which significantly changes Starbound in the most compatible way possible to make the game harder and more consistent. It doesn’t change difficulty by changing what happens when you die or rather or not you must eat. Instead, the stats of every weapon, piece of armor, monster, and NPC are changed irrelevant if they are from vanilla or a mod. By rebalancing all these stats to make the player relatively weaker in health while on par in damage the game becomes harder while keeping combat fast paced and fun.

    Some other features of Difficulty Overhaul include:
    • A new version of Alternative Armor Scale
    • Increased overall damage (things die more quickly here than in vanilla, especially you).
    • Removal of player invulnerability frames (you no longer phase out of reality because you stubbed your toe).
    • Armor no longer increases your health (separator armor provides a bonus to defense)
    In vanilla Starbound, if you have all the right equipment for a tier, combat will be easier in that tier than what it was in the previous tier. From tier to tier, the player’s health, damage, and defense increase faster than it does for NPCs and fauna. Difficulty Overhaul fixes that.

    Other Thoughts
    • Before you ask a question, make sure to read the (P).F.A.Q. and at least the first page of comments.
    • Difficulty Overhaul is not compatible with Difficulty+ (including Nightmare Edition and their add-ons).
    • Difficulty Overhaul will be receiving its own add-ons.
    • I am aware that numbers for armor are not rounded for armor description GUI (this may vary with mods). This is a problem that is caused by the values not being rounded before being displayed and has to do with the GUI and not directly Difficulty Overhaul.
    • Please leave a like if you like the mod.
    • I'm more responsive on Steam. I recommend posting there if you want to quickly get my attention, though I'll also reply here.
    Difficulty+, Difficulty+ Nightmare Edition, and Difficulty Overhaul Addons
    Difficulty Overhaul Addons
    - Coming soon...

    Difficulty+ w/ Addons
    Steam Link
    Dropbox Link
    The original of the series, Difficulty+ is currently the most popular. Unlike Difficulty+ Nightmare Edition and Difficulty Overhaul, D+ dosn't require a new character, meaning you can install or uninstall it at any time.

    Difficulty+ Nightmare Edition w/ Addons

    Steam Link
    Dropbox Link
    Because some people (including myself) thought that Difficulty+ was too easy, I've created the Nightmare Edition. Like Overhaul, Nightmare Edition requires a new character. However, characters are interchangeable between Nightmare Edition and Overhaul as the two make the same changes to the player.config file.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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