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Doctors Of the Plague void 1.5

Adds varius items to play around with.

  1. Port

    -Ported most things to 1.0
    -removed void dagger(no more compatibility for .sword files)
    -temporaly replaced targeted blink slash with blink shlash because scripting errors
    -temporarily removed anti gravity grenade louncher
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  2. New Altabilities and recipes

    - Changed Byted Schyth's alt ability to targeted blink slash ( thanks to Errors4l for script help)
    -added Chakram recipe
    -added Gauntlet recipe
    -added boomerang recipe
    -fixed stickie launcer recipe
  3. Starwars inspired stuff

    -added batsaber
    -added giant lightssaber
  4. New thing Brawrawrawr

    -every weapon has its element and alt ability
    -every recipe has now be balanced for the ability
    -new (stickie(gravity)) granade lountcher
    -colored beaks
    -fully suported
  5. Nightly support

    It schoud work with nightly builds now and:
    -added coloring options for the beaks
    -added sticky louncher
  6. Pls Be fixed

  7. Idk If it is fixed

    I hope its finaly fixed
  8. Real Fix

    NOW i rely fixed it
  9. Fix

    -Fixed dwonload Link
  10. Moar Weapons

    -added Tiered Shyths (wooden, iron, titanium and byted)
    -added Matter Gun
    -added Void Blade
    -added Beam?

    -changed Byte'd beak recipe to now also use wire