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Draconis- The race of humanoid dragons 1.4

A mod that adds a race of playable half-dragons.

  1. Weapon resprites + more weapons

    *Some weapons were resprited, new weapons were added.
    *Weapon displays added
  2. Small Bug fix

    Fixed the book enchanter frame issue.
  3. And around 6 months later...

    * A bunch of stuff was added (including armors and balancing)
    * Added New npcs and generated structures.
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  4. And around 6 months later...

    A bunch of stuff was added, including balancing.
    New Npcs and generated structures.
  5. Update of the Dragon's Blessing tech

    I have changed the Dragon's Blessing tech mechanics.
    Shift + space to stop
    Shift + up to dash
    f to breathe fire
  6. Hopefully a bug fix(again)

    Hey all, I am sorry about the npc bugs, and I know that it disrupts your gameplay. I really hope that this patch will finally fix the damn bugs so that the mod will be playable.
  7. Resprites and (hopefully) bug fixes

    - Resprited the humanoid sprite slightly
    - I tried editing the .patch files to fix the death problem, but I am unsure if it will be 100% fixed.
  8. Bug fix No.2

    Oops x 2
  9. Bug fix

  10. Space rifted doors, weapon upgrades, and resprites

    -Balanced structure loot.
    -Added a door structure that acts like a portal to the instance world.
    -Added a generated gas station, because why not?
    -Most weapons can be upgraded via teratomas and the flesh synthesizer.
    -Added a couple of staves.
    -Resprited armors.
    -You can now either choose hair styles with or without horns, and craft wearable horns at the horn constructor.
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