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Drones behind you! D= v.2.4

Drone companions for your travels, boiz.

  1. Dandion
    Hey, star spelunkers!

    Here is my first mod, Drones on Back!

    It is a simple mod, adding vanity item for the back slot. Making them, I thought that most people play with mods, like FU anyway, so I decided to keep it simple and just make them as vanity items, yes, that means that they do nothing exept the lookz. =D
    To my mind, all the backpaks, despite their usefullness, look too bulky and sorta ugly, and, well, I like drones! Why not having a lil drone buddy to help you survive the unknown invironment instead of an ugly backpack? =D

    Currently 16 drones can be crafted, Companion Drone MK I and MK II, Scarab Drone, Oni drone, Ishikura Corp. Drone, Junker Drone, Repair Drone, Engineer Drone, Researcher Drone, Security Drone, Medical Drone, Probe Drone, Protectorate Drone, Ruin Drone, Police Drone, Mining Drone, Observer Drone, Small Intel Drone and a Servo-skull wargammer40k Drone as a bonus for ya'll WH fans.
    lil drones1.png lil drones2.png lil drones3.png lil drones4.png lil drones5.png lil drones6.png
    bonus drone.png

    All drones are crafted at special crafting station now, it is called Drone Crafting Station (craft it at Inventors Table for 5 iron bars, 2 tech cards and 2 silicon boards).

    Each drone needs a tech card, a battery and some resourses, unique to each one of them.

    All drones can be colored in whatever color you want them to be.

    Updates and new drones coming soon.

    Feel free to request any drones you want me to make. If idea is good (or if you really-really want them ._. ) - I will make them.

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Recent Updates

  2. 2 new drones
  3. Another two drones

Recent Reviews

  1. Nitrous_N2O
    Version: v.2.4
    Awesome and a very original idea for Starbound! I do have a request for a drone companion, and I'm sure other people will enjoy it. ED-E from Fallout New Vegas
  2. Theguywhoisrightbehindyou
    Version: v.2.1
    Good job. these drones are amazing, but i just wish that they had custom augments to go along with it.
  3. linyuan
    Version: v.1.0
    1. Dandion
      Author's Response
      Well thanks a lot, mate. =D