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Drones behind you! D= v.2.4

Drone companions for your travels, boiz.


    -Adding a Miner Drone

    -Adding Observer Drone

    -Adding Small Intel Drone
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  2. 2 new drones

    -Adding a Ruin Drone

    -Adding a Police Drone
  3. Another two drones

    -Adding a new version of the Companion Drone (old is still there)
    -Adding the Protectorate Drone
  4. Two drones at once

    -Adding a Probe Drone, like n SW, but smaller.
    -Adding a Medical Drone.
  5. Drone 10

    Adding a new drone, armed with complitelly decorative guns =D
  6. Next drone

    Adding a new Researcher Drone, to do all that science things in space and beyond.
  7. New drone NAMBAH 8!

    Adding a new Engineer Drone to the collection. It is a drone from Galaxy of Pen and Paper game, little thing that floats near the Engineer Character, which inspired me to make this mod at first place. Really good game btw, try it, I loved it.

    link for the game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/349790/Galaxy_of_Pen__Paper_1/
  8. *clap-clap* Bonus drone!

    Adding a Servo-skull from Warhammer40k as a bonus drone. I don't really see warhammer stuff in Starbound as something that would fit good, but I was asked for it. Enjoy, dude.
    (Weapons and clothes are not mine and not included)


    1. bonus drone.png
  9. Updated to some decency!

    This update is v.1.0. Which means, it adds everything that I inicially wanted to add. It's a special crafting station for drones (Drone crafting station, find it in Inventors Table) and a pack of 6 drones.

    I intend to continue drawing pixel drones, so, I guess, updates for this mod will come out soon. Currently, I'm trying to figure out how to create a mod for custom quest chains, so when I do, we all will be hearing more about new Ishikura Corp., which created one of drones' blueprints.
  10. And another one.

    Adding another new drone, UNEXPECTED BUT TRUE. This one is a drone, made from scrap metal and junk. Cool looking tho.