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Outdated Dye Mod 2.1 (Enraged Koala)

Change the color of almost anything! (Previously Dyeing Bucket)

  1. v2.1 - Minor Fix

    • Solves an issue that might cause items to become duplicated or disappear in a very specific situation.
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  2. v2.0 - The mod formerly known as bucket

    • Dye system completely overhauled
    • Dyeing Bucket replaced by the Dye Station, costs 200 pixels in the 3D printer or can be crafted from 10 iron ingots.
    • Now uses a normal crafting interface that is customized after the item you are holding when you open it.
    • Adding more items or colors to the dye system is now extremely easy, even from another mod.
    • Includes extra hues in the base mod, and some fun extra colors in a separate extension (will be expanded in the future)....
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  3. v1.6 - The Love of Violet

    • Introducing violet, the purple with more blue in it.
    • Pink is now made using purple and red (to reflect what the color actually looks like).
    • Fixes for a few rare items (dye again to see fixes).
    • Picking up a wooden or robotic crafting table will now teach your character the bucket and dye recipes if they couldn't learn them before.
    Remember to remove any previous versions of the mod when installing this one.
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  4. v1.5 - Red chairs of fury

    • A new system for generating recipes has been used. This means that new items or colors can be added much quicker.
      It also means that some items might not look correctly when dyed. I have done some testing and fixing, though.
    • Added support for most items added in Furious Koala.
    • Added two new colors, teal and lime green.
    • Object support. Placeable objects which have graphics for different colored versions can now be dyed.
      Not all objects are supported. Objects do not support...
  5. v1.3 - Mushroom buddies

    • Fixed the Fullmetal armor set (again?)
    • Added Agaran mushroom hats to the list of dyeable items.
    • Something else I can't remember.
    As always, things are fully backwards compatible. All dyed items will retain their colors no matter if you upgrade, downgrade or uninstall. To get the above fixes applied, dye your items again.
  6. v1.2 - Magic hat

    • Made it possible to dye the Wizard Hat. (Thanks, Sir Orange)
    • Fixed Hazmat Suit, Power (Space Marine) Armor, Combat Medic Armor, Spacesuit, Soldier's Armor and Explorer's Armor becoming the wrong color when dyed.
    • Actually tested most of the 400 dyeable items and simply made the bucket refuse to dye those that don't work (they will need some extra work).
    • The bucket will never die because it was never alive in the first place.
    Feel free to update if any of these...
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  7. v1.1 - Pink fedora

    • Fix for fedoras.
    • Fix for makeshift greaves not showing as recolored when worn. You will have to apply the dye again. (Thanks ShadowHunter12!)
    • The bucket is still not dead.
  8. v1.0 - Small cleanup, still no dead buckets

    • Fixed up the UI a little.
    • Added more items to the ones that can be dyed. If you can wear it, you can probably dye it now.
    • Minor fixes and tweaks.
    This version can be considered "complete" in some sense. You are welcome to leave suggestions for changes or additions.

    I still need some new art for the bucket, or change it into something else.