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Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. v1.1.1 Pleased Giraffe Hotfix

    A hotfix update to fix a number of mistakes that made it into the 1.1.0 release.

    • Phase Shift Module mod is now fully compatible.
    • Avikan Vibro Core is craftable again, using different high tier materials
    • The Ship Engineer is wearing the Engineer set clothes again
    • Fixed incorrect S.A.I.L. dialog for certain upgrades
    • Fixed a few spelling mistakes
    • Added updated stat boosts to Avikan vanity armour. Warrior set is now as strong as iron
    • Changed names for several items that had names that were too long to display in the crafting menu
    • Updated prices for various items to be more balanced
    • Updated damage for several items to bring them in line with Vanilla items again (Avikan javelins, spike traps, Jumprifles etc.)
    • Arrows and harpoons from Avikan weapons now penetrate targets and get lodged into the ground. After the first hit, speed and damage are drastically decreased
    • Jumprifles, jumpguns and jumpcannons now have updated explosion effects, and apply damage through the explosion rather than the projectile
    • Updated the icons for a few Centensian items to be more in line with lore (lore is coming soon!)
    • Added a new Centensian material in preparation for future updates
    • Removed the Centensian Charged Jumprifle from the possible loot drops in ruins in preparation for a future update (if you already had the weapon, it just turned into something awesome)
    • Added the start of the first Unique Weapon Quest (questline can't be completed yet, will be available in future update)
    • Preparatory work for features coming in future updates
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