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Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. v2.1.1 - Hotfix and Content Update

    A small update intended to fix some of the issues reported so far. There's also some new content!
    • Throwable weapons have been rebalanced
      • Javelins are unchanged
      • Vanguard Grenades and Sand Bombs now deal 40 damage
      • Explosive Charges now deal 45 damage
      • Regular spikes deal 3 damage per tick, special spikes deal 5 damage
    • Vanguard Minigun has been rebalanced
      • Rate of fire slightly reduced
      • Accuracy slightly improved
      • Energy per second increased slightly
      • Damage per second increased
    • Vanguard Missile Pod rebalanced
      • Damage per shot increased
      • Time in between bursts reduced by almost 50%
      • Projectiles now have an initial speed, making it easier to hit your target
    • Fixed the Meat Chunk recipe unlocking on picking up the wrong type of meat
    • Fixed issues with tenants
    • Improved the Feral status effect
      • The effect now improves speed and jump height, as well as damage output
    • Slightly adjusted Avikan Hunting drops
      • Monster Hides are slightly less common
      • Added rare chance for dropping meat
    • Fixed Keffrider's Spear not applying the correct damage type: adult poptops will now drop Grand Monster Bones when killed with this weapon
    • Vanguard Assault Rifle alt ability rebalanced
      • The ability used baseDamage instead of baseDps, which made the attack far too powerful: this has now been fixed
      • Reduced knockback from alt ability fire
      • Made alt fire bullets piercing
      • Changed sound for alt fire
    • Vanguard Shotgun alt ability rebalanced
      • Renamed to Power Shot
      • Reduced damage
      • Increased accuracy
      • Reduced number of projectiles per shot
      • Greatly increased knockback
    • Added Sealed Avikan Cache to the Token Exchange
    • Added more quest-related items to the Drifter's Emporium inventory
    • Added craftable racially-themed fridges
    • A new Mysterious Merchant has set up shop in the Starfarer's Refuge, selling unique items for high prices
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