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Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. v2.1.4 - Content Update

    An update intended to fix the majority of issues reported so far, and adding plenty of additional content to boot. The list of changes is as follows:

    -Fixed Rhaiod Tapestry recipe
    -Fixed Meat Chunk issues
    -Fixed incorrect sprites in the Avikan Merchant Pack
    -Fixed laser and lightning weapons incorrectly piercing enemies
    -Fixed broken drop pools for crops, every crop will now reset to an earlier stage, or drop seeds
    -Removed duration from Trinkian crafting recipes for objects, as was already the case for Avikan recipes
    -Made Avikan light strips wireable
    -Made Trinkian lights and light pillars wireable
    -Made it possible for Avikan tapestries to hang from the ceiling, in addition to the option for being wall-mounted
    -Updated tags for all weapons
    -Split Avikan Merchant tenants into six distinct tenant types. Use market stalls to determine which merchant to spawn, or use no market stalls for a generic merchant
    -Added Avikan Tech Stall for spawning Modern Avikan Merchants
    -Added recipes for ship doors and ship lights
    -Added a number of recipes for other objects that were previously not craftable
    -Made Statue of Rhadeis craftable
    -Made Avikan Stairs and Thick Avikan Stairs craftable
    -Changed Avikan ship consoles into switch-type objects
    -Changed Trinkian console into a switch-type object
    -Added Hatches (horizontal doors) for Avikan and Trinks. Come in two varieties: one regular, and one which acts as a platform while open
    -Made Bubble Shield Generator augment obtainable, and added a new variatio with a different visual effect (Force Shield Generator)
    -Added new Avikan wiring objects (button, small button, pressure plate)
    -Added new Trinkian wiring objects (button, small button, pressure plate)
    -Added Trinkian Caches to possible loot pool in Trinkian settlements, and as tenant gifts
    -Made the SDL-02 Shockbolter Unique Weapon obtainable
    -Added a new Unique Weapon, DS-03 FROST
    -Added a new Unique Weapon, HL-5 Energizer
    -All three new Unique Weapons can be acquired from Trinkian Caches, or purchased from the Mysterious Merchant

    In addition to these changes, this update contains some of the fixes and updates that were already available on Steam Workshop, including racially themed fridges and a variety of minor fixes.
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