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Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. v2.3.2 - Hotfix

    Version 2.3.2 is quick hotfix for issues reported since the launch of 2.3.0. It also includes all changes from 2.3.1, which was only released on the Steam Workshop due to time constraints. The full changelog is as follows:

    -Removed Aeginian Colonies from the potential spawnpool of Lush planets to fix a compatibility issue with Frackin' Universe. The dungeon is still available on Forest and Jungle planets, and options for a third planet type are being considered
    -Fixed an issue where charged mech arm weapons would continously loop their charging sound if the mech was exited while charging
    -Changed recipes for Allosteel Hoe and Allosteel Watering Can to use tier 1 metals instead of tier 2 metals
    -Made the Capture Pod craftable at Avikan and Alliance crafting tables
    -Added a craftable Alliance Pet Healing Station
    -Added a craftable Alliance Pet Tether
    -Moved recipes for the Avikan Pet Healing Station and Avikan Pet Tether to the Avikan inventor's table
    -Fixed capture pod light colours on Pet Tethers and Pet Healing Stations
    -Added a small hospital area to the Creon Embassy
    -Dyes can now be crafted at the Stone Smelter, Avikan Stone Furnace andthe Circuit Assembler
    -Added a "dyes" tab to the Stone Smelter, Avikan Stone Furnace andthe Circuit Assembler
    -Unique weapons will now drop at the planet-appropriate level
    -Fixed a minor sprite issue on the Droden Heavy War Frame
    -Fixed the quest "Personalized Warfare III" not progressing after killing an Oculus
    -Fixed the Centensian Terminal being completely fullbright in one of its orientations
    -Fixed an issue in the turn-in description of the quest "Alliance Crafting Techniques"
    -Fixed the upgrade button overlapping the subtitle in upgradeable crafting tables
    -Increased player detection range on Centensian teleporters
    -Added multiple new variations on the Inactive Droden Frame featuring different sets of armour
    -Inactive Droden Frames can no be purchased from the Droden merchant in the Starfarer's Refuge
    -Added Bolter's Rags as a new decorative Trinkian armour piece, purchased directly from the Bolter
    -Added liquid-passable variations on the Avikan, Trinkian and Alliance Pipes
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