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Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. v1.3.0 Glad Giraffe Compatibility Update

    This update makes the Avikan Race Mod compatible with Starbound's latest Stable version, Glad Giraffe. Changes include:

    • Tons of fixes for issues introduced when Glad Giraffe launched, including missing armour pieces, weapons failing to deal damage and Avikan items and objects no longer playing any sound effects
    • The majority of weapons has been converted into active items, allowing them to have special abilities. Daggers, shortswords and axes will be updated in a future update, along with bows, linerifles and other charged weapons
    • All two-handed weapons now have special abilities. Custom abilities for Avikan items will be added in a future update
    • Added two new Special Abilities: Focused Fire (found on the Vanguard Assault Rifle) and Jumpfire (found on the unique Jumpfire Protocol weapon)
    • Updated generated shields and guns to the active item system. Previously owned shields and generated guns (jumprifles, jumpcannons and jumpguns) will be a bit broken (they still work, but have no visuals). My recommendation is to destroy these items to prevent further issues.
    • A new Jumpsniper weapon type has been added
    • The Vanguard Skiprifle is now a burst-fire pistol
    • Lots of minor changes to weapon balance due to the conversion to the active weapon system
    • The Keff (hoverbike) tech has been removed. The Keff is now available as a vehicle (spawned with a custom vehicle controller) available as a quest reward. (Warning: Do NOT destroy this controller, as there is no way to recover it other than to spawn it with admin commands. New ways to obtain a Keff Controller will be added in the future)
    • The Keffrider quest chain has been adjusted with new quest steps and rewards
    • A new Avikan Crafter NPC will spawn in Avikan Camps, offering a new quest
    • A new quest chain, Avikan Craftsmanship, has been added, which rewards you with a unique weapon blueprint and an Avikan Crafting Guide, which unlocks the majority of Avikan crafting recipes regardless of race
    • Monster drops have been adjusted. As generated monsters are now less common in favour of unique monsters, there no longer is a common drop pool to which I can add Monster Bones (they'd have to be added to each monster individually). Instead, Avikan Hunting weapons are now used to obtain both Monster Bones and Monster Leather
    • Avikan guards now have unique dialogue for Glitch characters
    • Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements to various parts of the mod
    • And probably a few other things I'm forgetting to mention here :p
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