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Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. v2.0.0 Content Update - Conversion to Elithian Races Mod

    As of this update, the mod is changing its name from 'Avikan Race Mod' to 'Elithian Races Mod' to better fit all the new content. Apologies for any confusion this may cause!

    This update adds the long-awaited second race, plus a bunch of additional content. Here is an overview of the changes made:

    • Added a second race, the Trinks, to the character creation menu
    • Added a bonus race, the Droden, the the character creation menu
    • Added new content for the Trinks, including weapons, armour, ships, S.A.I.L., animations, objects and far more
    • Added functionality for several types of charged weapons, including miniguns
    • Added functionality for custom reticles on weapons
    • Added a large number of new cosmetic armour pieces
    • Added several new unique weapons (not all are available in-game)
    • Added a new Avikan settlement, the Avikan colony
    • Added a Trinkian settlement, the Trinkain Colony
    • Added a new sub-biome for desert planets
    • Added new microdungeons for the Avikan, the Trink, and the new sub-biome
    • Disabled the Centensian Ruins dungeon, and replaced it with Centensian microdungeons (these no longer take the spot of a full dungeon)
    • Added the Starfarer's Refuge (Avikan Outpost)
    • Added a number of new quests
    • Added two new liquids - Quicksand and Centensian Liquid
    • Added a bunch of new materials
    • Added a bunch of new crafting items
    • Added a bunch of new objects
    • Added new weapon types, including electric prods, miniguns and other charged weapons
    • Added a new aggressive monster, the Sandcrawler, and a new passive monster, the Kadavan Gad'hur
    • Added a new variant of the Avikan hoverbike - the Blink Keff
    • Fixed a number of issues which resulted in crashes or other glitches
    • Improved the sprites of a number of objects (especially Centensian-themed items)
    • Improved the behaviour of Avikan hoverbikes, they are now capable of hovering over liquids
    • Fixed dye colours on Avikan armour being off
    • Fixed a number of spelling mistakes in dialogue
    • Added new dialogue in various situations
    • Disabled Avikan facial patterns for now - they were overlapping the emotes, causing them to look off. I'm looking into a replacement for the facial patterns
    • Added new particle effects to all teleporters
    • Added new themed teleporters for purchase in the Outpost and Starfarer's Refuge
    • And a bunch of things I'm forgetting to mention here - this update is HUGE!
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