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Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. v2.1.0 - Starbound 1.2 Compatibility Update

    The months of hard work have finally paid off, and the Starbound 1.2 compatibility update is finally here! Thank you all for your incredible patience, and have fun with all of the new and updated content!

    I'm not even going to try to list all of the changes and additions made in this version. The amount of content in the mod has quite possibly doubled since the last version, and the quality of all of that content has gone up even further than before. There's no new races yet, but a lot of the groundwork has already been completed for some of these new races, so look forward to them in a future update!

    For those who enjoy changelists, here's a very much incomplete list of changes and additions in this version:
    • Added a new crafting and progression system for all races, including dozens of new crafting ingredients
    • Crafting progression for the Elithian races is now completely separate from the vanilla progression systems
    • Updated the Avikan and Droden ships with a more interesting shape and design
    • Updated all settlements with new and improved parts
    • Completely reworked the Avikan colony settlement
    • Updated the Starfarer's Refuge with new vendors and services
    • Completely reworked sprites for tiered weapons
    • Added new randomly generated weapons
    • Added a new Unique Weapons tab to the collections menu
    • Added a new rarity - Unique - for weapons that feature unique properties and abilities
    • Unique Weapons can be found in Sealed Caches, or as a quest reward
    • Added a unique racial starter weapon for each race, which can be upgraded into a very powerful Unique Weapon after doing the Glitch mission
    • Updated vehicles, and added a new Gad'hur mount
    • Added dozens of new objects
    • Added several new monsters, most of which are captureable as pets
    • Added new collectable figurines for all new monsters
    • Added new farmable crops
    • Added new food items, including Collections entries
    • Added Avikan, Droden and Trink crewmembers
    • Added mannequins for the Avikan, Droden and Trink
    • Added new codex entries for the Avikan
    • Updated several quests, available in the Starfarer's Refuge
    • Added custom Protectorate outfits for all races
    • Added custom story introductions for all races - this is the groundwork for custom storylines later down the line
    • Added tiered racial armour for all races, with custom sprites for all tiers
    • Added many new sets of vanity armour, available as random loot
    • Added dozens of new sound effects for Unique Weapons and other items
    • Added new tabs to the codex interface for all custom races
    • Added three new elemental types - two of which are exclusive to Unique Weapons
    • Added several new status effects
    • New AI sprites for all races
    • Updated dialog for all races
    • Added multiple new NPC types, both friendly and hostile
    • Added new random encounters
    • Added Avikan-themed encounters to randomly generated quests
    • And much, much more!
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