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Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. v2.2.2 - General Improvements and Bug Fixes

    Version 2.2.2 aims to fix a large number of (minor) issues and some mod incompatibilities, while also adding additional improvements and new content. The full changelog is as follows:

    -Elithian Races is now compatible with v6's Many Tabs mod. ERM now uses JSON patching to make changes to the codex menu instead of overwriting the vanilla menu configuration, improving overall compatibility with other mods.
    -Elithian Races is now compatible with Custom Collections UI. The Unique Weapons collection is still found under its own button, but if Custom Collections UI is installed, ERM will automatically detect this and adjust the layout of the collections menu accordingly.

    -Avikan and Droden characters can now craft a teleporter that can take you to the Starfarer's Refuge
    -Crafting Guides for the Avikan and Trink are now obtained through quests instead of a purchase from the Drifter's Emporium
    -The Crafting Guides available from the Drifter's Emporium have had their prices reduced from 50000 pixels to 1250 pixels, but can only be purchased after completing the new quests
    -A new Unique Weapon, the SB-4 Debilitator, can be crafted after completing the Trinkian Craftsmanship quests
    -The Jumpfire Protocol Unique Weapon can now be crafted after completing the Avikan Craftsmanship quest
    -The Bone Coil Spear can now obtained through sealed caches or the Unique Weapons merchant in the Refuge
    -A new Unique weapon, the Wrath of Rhadeis, can now obtained through sealed caches or the Unique Weapons merchant in the Refuge
    -A new Unique weapon, the Vhalakin Longbow, can now obtained through sealed caches or the Unique Weapons merchant in the Refuge
    -The Vhalakin Bow and Violation Protocol now have secondary abilities
    -A new Avikan Hunting Guide codex entry can be found in the ship locker for new Avikan and Droden characters. Existing characters can purchase the codex for 25 Tokens of Merit at the Token Exchange. The Avikan Hunting Guide lists all hunting materials and the places to find them
    -Avikan Hunting weapons now have a unique icon in their tooltip to make them easier to distinguish from regular weapons
    -Avikan crossbows now show their damage and rate of fire in the tooltip
    -Added an Avikan Irrigation System object which acts as an Avikan sprinkler
    -Added a new Avikan Railcrafting Station
    -Added Avikan and Trinkian rail materials
    -Added Avikan and Trinkian rail platforms
    -Added Avikan and Trinkian rail trams
    -Added Avikan and Trinkian rail hooks
    -Made minor improvements to the Avikan Flag
    -The Trinkian Flag is now a holographic flag, and can be crafted using Trinkian crafting materials
    -Added craftable Avikan flares
    -Added craftable Avikan glowsticks
    -Added an Avikan Sloped Glass material
    -Added Trinkian Glass and Sloped Glass materials
    -Added Avikan and Trinkian Shipping Containers
    -Added a functional Avikan Cargo Door, and updated the cargo door in Avikan and Droden ships (the one on the ship still can't open!)
    -Added a new 'holographic' status effect that makes entities appear like a hologram. The effect can only be attained using commands, but will be used for various purposes in future updates
    -Added a hydroponics/farming area to Avikan colonies
    -Added random encounters with Violated Drahl and Droden to desert and arid planets
    -Added more random encounters to the Desert Wetlands sub-biome
    -Increased the spawn chances for Kadavan wildlife in Desert Wetlands biomes
    -Increased the spawn chance for the Sandspitter's Sack when killing a Sandspitter
    -Avkan water containers now act as a single-item container, and will change their appearance when there is a liquid inside
    -Sealed Caches can now contain Vault Keys
    -Security Pass replacements are now sold by the Lost and Found merchant, instead of the Drifter's Emporium
    -Avikan Wall Switches are now craftable
    -Damage particles for tiles now reflect the colour of the tile
    -Sandcrawler's Eggs now have a Merit Token value
    -Decorative Avikan vehicles can now be purchased from Jahkar's Licensed Vehicles in the Starfarer's Refuge
    -Longer versions of the Avikan Tapestries are now called 'Long Avikan Tapestry', to avoid confusion
    -All types of Avikan tent materials (Avikan Leather, Avikan Cloth and Rhaiod Cloth), including their tent pole variants, now blend together seamlessly
    -Slightly increased the spawn chance for Avikan and Trinkian settlements in the appropriate biomes
    -Vhelin's Command projectiles can now bounce twice (was once)

    -Fixed Throwing Spear aiming issues in zero-G environments
    -The Droden Mannequin crafting recipe will now properly unlock for Droden characters, and when collecting an Avikan Crafting Guide
    -Fixed a typo in the Trinkian Colony Deed name
    -Added several missing recipes to the Trinkian Crafting Guide
    -The Droden Protectorate Head will now be sold by the Lost and Found merchant
    -Fixed issues with the crafting recipe for Avikan Meat Chunks
    -Fixed a bug allowing some explosions to hit a target twice
    -Fixed Sealed Caches always dropping level 6 items. Sealed Caches will now use the level of the planet where they were first taken into the player's hand (not the planet they were originally found on, due to issues with the level system)
    -Fixed several issues related to level 5 and 6 Trinkian armour recipes and names
    -Fixed the Prime Circuit questline not unlocking the right crafting recipes
    -Fixed issues with several monsters and action figures in the Collections menu
    -Fixed Avikan and Trinkian colony deeds not having a racial colony tag associated with them
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