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Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. v1.3.0 Glad Giraffe Compatibility Update

    This update makes the Avikan Race Mod compatible with Starbound's latest Stable version, Glad Giraffe. Changes include:

    • Tons of fixes for issues introduced when Glad Giraffe launched, including missing armour pieces, weapons failing to deal damage and Avikan items and objects no longer playing any sound effects
    • The majority of weapons has been converted into active items, allowing them to have special abilities. Daggers, shortswords and axes will be updated in a future update,...
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  2. v1.2.0 Content Update

    This update adds new content to the mod, including new objects, new materials, new tenants, new weapons, new techs, new quests and more!

    • Added several new materials which can be crafted at the Avikan Crafting Station
    • Added new armour sets - the Avikan Vanguard Set can be crafted at the Avikan Crafting Station, whilst the Keffrider set is obtained as a quest reward
    • Added new guns, the Avikan skiprifle and linerifle
    • Added new Keffrider's Spear as a quest reward
    • Added...
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  3. v1.1.1 Pleased Giraffe Hotfix

    A hotfix update to fix a number of mistakes that made it into the 1.1.0 release.

    • Phase Shift Module mod is now fully compatible.
    • Avikan Vibro Core is craftable again, using different high tier materials
    • The Ship Engineer is wearing the Engineer set clothes again
    • Fixed incorrect S.A.I.L. dialog for certain upgrades
    • Fixed a few spelling mistakes
    • Added updated stat boosts to Avikan vanity armour. Warrior set is now as strong as iron
    • Changed names for several items...
  4. Pleased Giraffe Compatibility Update

    This update makes the Avikan Race Mod compatible with Starbound's Pleased Giraffe update. Some new content was also added, in addition to preparations for the next big content update:

    -Some changes were made to Avikan body sprites to fit the new personalities available in character creation. All armor was also changed to fit these new sprites.
    -New dialog lines for NPCs. New villager conversation lines, dialog for merchants and for tenants.
    -Placing a colony deed in a house decorated with...