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Enable Monsters Special Attacks 1.3

Now they will breath fire, spout eyeballs, shoot rainbows, and many other ranged attacks!

  1. A few balance change and rewrite for compatibility

    Code rewrite
    - Adds "test" operation to see if other mods have added ranged attacks. Hopefully even more compatible with other mods!

    Balance changes
    - Large bipeds have less defense (from 1.5 to 1.0)
    - Large flyers have less attack power (from 2.5 to 1.75)
    - Small quadrupeds have 33% chance to have normal melee attacks alongside ranged attacks
    - Small bipeds have 20% chance to have normal melee attacks alongside ranged attacks
    - Rest of the monsters are unchanged

    Let me know...
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  2. Compatibility update and some attempts at balancing

    Compatibility fix:
    • Compatibility update: Changed the operation "replace" instead of "remove" for modifying the "delayFire" to prevent incompatibility with other mods that attempt to change the same thing (thanks to Ryuu Kegare for notifying the possible conflict);
    Attempts at balancing (still far from perfect - let me know how it goes on your end!):
    • Balance update: adjusted beamBurstAttack speed;
    • Balance update: more bubbles in...
  3. "Fly" bug fix and Steam Workshop update

    • Hopefully I've fixed this "fly" bug for good: removed the "flyingSwoopAttack" from ground monsters. Ground monsters can't fly, man!
    • Added Steam Workshop categories support.
  4. Fixed animation

    • Small fixes with smallflying animation.
  5. Fixes and tweaks

    • Fixed the ranged attacks changing for naturally spawned monsters (no more additional ranged attacks).
    • Made small fliers have a chance of spewing ranged attacks.
    • Tweaked the ranged attacks (status effects and windup/winddown). Thanks to SentientSupper for his mod's reference!
  6. Fixed the previously mentioned issue (for real now!)

    • Fix the issue of mod removing attacks from custom spawned monsters.
    • Made large ground monsters have melee attacks + ranged attacks while small ground monsters only ranged attacks.
    • Fixed the damn typo on "replace" operation! :p
  7. Fix the issue of mod removing attacks from custom spawned monsters.

    Title says it all.