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Enhanced Rails 2.3.1

New tools, blocks and vehicles to make rails more fun!

  1. Rail platform Easier Removal

    All rail platforms and vehicles can be popped with the matter manipulator, same as how vanilla ones work now.
  2. Personal Rail Tram

    A new smaller version of the adjustable rail tram that can fit down narrower spaces.

    Also some minor fixes to address issues with Rail Cars and Rail Car Trains sometimes moving off rails.
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  3. Minor Diagonal Tram Stop Update

    Updated diagonal tram stops to use the vanilla tram stop script
  4. Compatibility

    minecart item id changed to railminecart for compatibility.
  5. Adjustable Rail Tram

    Similar to the adjustable platform, this tram can change speeds with right and left click while being ridden.
  6. Storage Platoform

    Adds storage platforms, which can transform into containers and back again.
  7. Armed Rail Trams

    New: Armed Rail Trams and Ice Platforms. Changes: Rail Sphere can boost. Quality of Life: All Recipes automatically known now.
  8. Compatibility Update

    Everything should now work with Starbound 1.3
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  9. Mine Carts!

    Adds mine carts, a rail car that can jump. Just don't go upside down or it will fall off the tracks.
  10. New objects and cars!

    New objects like Rail Gates Hatches, and Bridges as well as new cars like the Rail Pod and Rail Car Trains.