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Enhanced Storage 6.0.4

A quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.

  1. Major update v6

    • Update to version 5.9.1 (until now Steam only)
      • Containers from "More Outpost Objects" are now supported from Enhanced Storage. (List of supported mod updated)
      • Slightly reduced the costs for using the Storage Manipulator and Storage Matrix.
      • Corrected the slot count of some containers.

    • Update to version 6.0 (until now Steam only)
      • Containers from other mods with their own scripts now supported from Enhanced Storage. (e.g. Frackin Universe)
      • Multiple objects no longer auto eject items if it is a invalid item type. (e.g. mannequinns, liquid tanks)
      • Reworked all *.patch files to improve the compatibility to other mods.
      • The Storage Matrix now produces Storage Matter instead of Fragments which balances the resource costs.
      • It is now again possible to change the slot count with the Storage Manipulator to 300.
      • Added a lot of fixes within the internal scripts to prevent duplication or loosing items.
      • It is no longer required to finish the Lunar Base mission to unlock the Outpost stuff.
      • Added the mannequins from the More Outpost Objects mod.
      • Enhanced Storage is now on github!
        Feel free to participate at the mod development via

        BIG THANKS to "Khe" for contributing so much to this update!
        All the technical changes are a big step in the right direction.
        Again, thank you very much!

    • Update to version 6.0.1 (until now Steam only)
      • Fixed an issue that turned refrigerated containers into regular containers.

    • Update to version 6.0.2 (until now Steam only)
      • Fixed a duplication issue with the Toxic Waste Barrel object.
      • Added an inventory crafting recipe to be able to convert Storage Matter into Storage Fragments.
        (randomly generated Tenant quests can pick the Storage Fragments as random quest item)

    • Update to version 6.0.3 (until now Steam only)
      • Fixed an issue in which invalid items vanished within the shipment stations.

    • Update to version 6.0.4 (until now Steam only)
      • Improved monster drop compatibility to other mods.
        (contributed by Zancuno, thanks!)
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