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Enhanced Storage 6.0.4

A quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.

  1. Fixes

    • The Container Manipulator Station and Storage Matter Extractor now instantly cancel processing when the input items will be picked up from the player. (should fix a rare item dupe issue)
    • Fixed an issue with the Container Manipulator Station in which the internal script broke when an input item be picked up while processing.
  2. BYOS shiplocker from Frackin Universe

    • The 'build your own ship' - shiplocker from Frackin Universe now drops the proper racial shiplocker item.
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  3. Added BYOS shiplocker from Frackin Universe

    • The 'build your own ship' - shiplocker from Frackin Universe is now also supported.
  4. Say no to log spamming

    • Just removed an unnecessary log message from debugging, which spammed in the starbound.log file.
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  5. Hotfix

    • Fixed an issue with crop bins from the 'Gardenbot2 : Reboot Edition' mod.
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  6. Search improvement

    • Improved the item search feature in which mismatching items now greyed out instead of the cyan border for a match.
    • Fixed an incompatibility issue with the 'Gardenbot2 : Reboot Edition' mod.
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  7. Quick Stack improvements, new crafting material

    • The Quick Stack button has been re-enabled. (the issue with lost items should be fixed now)
    • Storage Matter no longer has a sell value.
    • The Storage Matter Extractor now produces a new crafting material 'Storage Matter Fragment' instead of the old 'Storage Matter'. These fragments can be converted into 'Storage Matter' within the player's crafting menu. (default 'C')
    • Added support for containers from the 'Hull Plating Blocks' mod.
    • Added support for containers from the...
  8. Quick Stack temporarily disabled

    • Temporarily disabled the Quick Stack button because of an item loss issue. With the next Starbound update, which is currently in unstable, I'll push another update to re-enable the button and fix the issue.
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  9. Search improvements

    • It is now possible to search for colony tags within containers. (e.g. #avian)
    • Searching with # now requires a minimum of 2 characters properly.
    • Updated monster drop pools for Starbound update v1.3.
    • Updated containers from the Elithian Races mod.
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  10. Added containers from 1.3

    • New storage objects from SB update 1.3 are now also supported.