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Enhanced Storage 6.0.4

A quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.

  1. Minor fix

    • Fixed an issue with the Capturepod Cupboard in which the Minidrone pet image did not appear.
  2. Small update for 1.3

    • Added support for containers from the 'The Nightars' mod.
    • Fixed an issue that came with SB update 1.3 with the npc 'Neo' from the Outpost.
  3. Hotfix

    • Fixed an issue in which the Manipulator Station could not be used.
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  4. Added ISE4-Reconstruction mod

    • Added support for containers from the 'ISE4-Reconstruction' mod.
    • Liquid Tanks now also support liquids from the 'ISE4-Reconstruction' mod.
    • Updated supported containers from the 'Frackin Universe' mod.
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  5. Capturepod Cupboard improvement

    • Capturepod Cupboards now also display proper pet images for random generated monsters.
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  6. New supported mods, new UI, new sorting mechanics and more!

    • Added support for containers from the following mods:
      • Castlevania Mod
      • Slime Race Mod
    • Reworked the sorting mechanics of containers:
      • Below the sort button are now two seperate option buttons for customizing the sort algorithm.
      • Pressing the 1st button toggles the sorting direction between ascending and descending.
      • Pressing the 2nd button cycles through the primary sorting orders by name, type and rarity.
      • Secondary sorting orders are still...
  7. Added containers from other mods

    • Added support for containers from the following mods:
      • 540 slot lockers with category icons
      • Draconis Race
      • Elithian Races
      • Elunite Race
      • Gyrusens+
      • RWBY Outfits
  8. New Liquid Tanks, new sorting options and more

    • Added two smaller Liquid Tanks with 9 and 12 slots.
    • The naming of Liquid Tanks has been changed to: Liquid Tank (XS), S, M, L, XL
    • The slot count of containers and Liquid Tanks can now also modified to 9, 12 or 16 with the Storage Manipulator.
    • The list of offered goods from Neo in the Outpost is now sorted properly.
      Furthermore he no longer leave his position and flirt with the woman with pink hairs... :)
    • Added two container sorting options in which the items can be...
  9. Minor fix for the Hoarder Addon

    • Capacity Level Indicators now saving the chosen style properly, even on re-loading the area.
    • Fixed an issue in which some recipes for the Storage Matrix did not appear properly. (Hoarder addon only)
  10. Improvements, alteration to Blueprint Boxes

    • Refactored all scripts from Enhanced Storage to clean them up from multiple used script parts.
    • Reworked the logic of Capacity Level Indicators in which they search for the nearest container.
    • Liquid Tanks and Capture Pod Cupboards now give the player improper items back instead of dropping them on the ground.
    • Updated the list of supported containers from Frackin Universe.
    • Added the Trading Cards mod to the supported mods list. (The forum version seems outdated sadly)...