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Enhanced Storage 6.0.4

A quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.

  1. Terramart Shipments improvements

    • Terramart Shipments & Terramart Shipments 2.0 now also supporting items from other mods.
      (the vanilla shipments only supports vanilla items)
    • Minor changes to the crafting interface of the Container Crafting Station.
  2. Huge update with a lot of new cool stuff!

    Update to version 4.8
    • Added 'Container Manipulator' to the Outpost, which can modify the slot count of all vanilla containers and the ones from supported mods.
      • Just put a container of your choice in the input slot, select a new slot count and press the button.
      • The price is calculated by the changed slot count, in contrast to the old slot count.
      • A new small quest from 'Neo' introduce the player to the new station.
    • Added the 'Enhanced...
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  3. Hotfix for the Outpost

    • Fixed an issue with the Container Crafting Station from the Outpost, which could not be used properly.
  4. Mod compatibility

    • Bosses from missions no longer drop Blueprint Boxes as loot.
      --> This make Enhanced Storage compatible with the "100% Boss Loot Drop" mod.
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  5. Minor fix

    • Fixed an issue with Enhanced Shipments, which disappeared after smashing.
      Thanks to "soop0102" for reporting.
  6. Major alteration to outpost generation, Fixed performance issue

    • Adding the Container Crafting Station to the Outpost no longer overwrites the entire dungeon map. This major alteration makes it possible to use additional mods which change the Outpost. Furthermore it is no longer necessary to update the entire Outpost every time the game gets an update for the Outpost (e.g. Christmas, Valentines day or others).
    • The sprites of spawned Container Crafting Stations with chat commands no longer flip their direction.
    • Fixed a performance issue...
  7. Minor fix

    • Fixed an issue with an improper image of the Yokat pet in the Capture Pod Cupboard.
  8. Search function improvement, Capture Pod Cupboard improvement

    • The container search function now supports searching by item category (grey text below item name).
      Just use # at first to search by item category. (e.g. #food or #block)
    • The searchfield of the container search function now has an additional overlay image if a search was successful.
    • Capture Pod Cupboards now drop improper items on the ground after smashing.
      (Proper items for this cupboard are Capture Pods and Filled Capture Pods)
    • Capture Pod Cupboards no longer have...
  9. Added search function

    • Added a search function to all container interfaces.
      • Just type your keyword(s) in the textbox, matches will be highlighted with a turquoise border.
      • The keysword(s) must contain a minumum of 2 characters of the searched item name for a successful match.

    Note: More search options (e.g. item type or colony tag) may come later if needed. Just let me know your suggestion!
  10. New container for Capture Pods, Frackin Universe update

    • Added a new container for Capture Pods.
      • The interface is optimized for Capture Pods and shows the images for all your captured creatures directly in the container.
      • The Capture Pod Cupboard can be crafted in the Pet Station.
    • The list of supported objects from the Frackin Universe mod has been updated.
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