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Enhanced Storage 6.0.4

A quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.

  1. Bug fix

    • Fixed an issue that prevented some monsters from dropping their proper loot.
      (Thanks to the SB-Forums users 'MiuZX' for reporting and 'Legogod' for confirming the issue)
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  2. Bug fixes and minor improvements

    • Fixed an issue with double-dropped containers after smashing.
      (Big thanks to 'MageKing17' from the SB-Forums!)
    • The 'Transfer Inventory Items' functionality now supports item-blueprints.
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  3. Bug fixes

    • Fixed an issue which prevented the new Misterious Trader from spawing in the Outpost.
    • Fixed some broken UI elements.
    • Fixed an internal patching issue with treasure pools.

    Note: There is still an issue with smashed containers, which will be dropped twice. Another update for a fix coming later.
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  4. Bug fixing

    • Fixed an issue with incorrect calculcations of the selling value for Enhanced Shipments.
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  5. Added new shipment object

    • Added a new shipment object for selling all kinds of stuff with a value of 20%. (similar to merchants)
      The 'Enhanced Shipments' object can now be purchased in Terramart for 3000 Pixels.
    • The tooltip of 'Terramart Shipments' and 'Enhanced Shipments' now displays the value for selling.

    Enhanced Shipments preview: http://prntscr.com/ckcoxo
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  6. Terramart Shipments improvement

    • An issue with the UI of Terramart Shipments has been fixed.
    • Non-shippable items with Terramart Shipments now moving back to the player's inventory when the player attempt to put items in the item grid.
    • The first time a player attempt to put non-shippable items in Terramart Shipments, an appropriate message from S.A.I.L. will be displayed.
  7. Bug fixing & more mods supported

    • Fixed broken containers caused by Starbound update 1.1.
    • Fixed an issue with containers from MadTulips Spaceship Mod.
    • The Hylotl Store Shelf is now a container.
    • New mods have been added to the supported mods list:
      • Gardenbot2
      • Compact Storage
      • Medieval Fridge and Mini Fridge
      • Primitive Fridge and Mini Fridge
      • Traditional Fridge and Mini Fridge
      • Tribal Fridge and Mini Fridge
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  8. Mod Compatibility

    • Fixed an issue with incompatibility to some containers of the Print & Pack mod.
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  9. Liquid Tanks improvement, mod support

    • All Liquid Tanks are now able to show the liquid colors from Frackin' Universe.
    • The fill level indicator for all Liquid Tanks now have way more stages than before, which means that the fill level increases more smoothly.
    • The liquid textures for the fill level indicator from Liquid Tanks have been improved, shown liquid now looks more like liquids.
    • Containers from 'MadTulips Spaceship Mod' have been added.
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  10. Hotfix

    • Mannequins no longer spawn an empty Mannequin after opening the ui.
    • The 'Swap Gender' button from mannequins now works properly.