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Enhanced Storage 6.0.4

A quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.

  1. Added Liquid Tanks

    • Added 3 new sizes of liquid tanks with fill level indicator.
      • Once a liquid is inside the tank will show the current fill level at the placed object itself.
      • All vanilla liquids represents their liquid color in the tank, some of them additionally have a light glow.
      • Only one liquid type can be stored in a single liquid tank, other items will drop on the ground if added.
      • All liquids including from other mods are supported, unknown liquids from mods uses the liquid...
  2. Interface coloring overhauled, mod support for Munari Race mod

    • Coloring system for containers has been overhauled:
      • Changes to the color are now visible instantly after pressing the button.
      • All containers now using the same ui config file which means that issues about missing files after deinstalling the mod are gone.
    • The improvements from the last updates now working for mannequins as well.
    • Containers from the "Race - Munari" mod are now supported.
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  3. Content update

    • Items from the player's inventory can now be transfered into a container with one button.
      • By pressing the button in the bottom left corner all items from the inventory will be transfered into the container if the same items are in it.
      • Currently equipped items (armor and items in hands), other containers and almost food (because different rot times) cannot be transfered.
      • On a server please do not use this button with multiple players at the same time to avoid item...
  4. Fix for the latest Avali update

    • The latest update of the Avali Race mod caused any issue with 2 containers, this has been fixed.
      Keep in mind that the containers "Cargo Crate" and "Cargo Container" must be smashed and placed again before you can use them.
  5. Mannequin support & new supported mods

    • The whole functionality of containers except item sorting now also works with mannequins.
    • Containers from other mods are now supported:
      • Avali mannequin
      • Neko Race
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  6. Other mods supported

    • A lot of containers from other mods are now supported:

      • Avali Race
      • Felins
      • Frackin Universe
      • Pixel Goods Store
      • Print & Pack
      • The Viera of Ivalice
  7. Bug fixing

    • Old containers which are placed before the options update do not lose their contents anymore until it opened once after the update.
      Once the old container is opened all default options from the new update are set.
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  8. Bug fixing

    • Items can no longer pe picked up while the options menu is opened.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the price calculation for some containers.
    • The spawn rate of Blueprint Boxes has been decreased to 2% (before 10%).

    A note to the last update which added the options menu:
    Please do not break old containers (which are placed before the update) until you opened them once after the update!
  9. Major update with options menu for containers

    • A new options menu for all containers has been added.
    • The interface color of containers can now be changed individually from green to blue or red. (in options menu)
      It is possible that more colors come in future updates.
    • Renaming of containers has been moved to the new options menu.
    • It is now possible to toggle the 'keep items after smashing' functionality on or off. (in options menu)
    • The price of a container now includes the price of all items inside.
      That means it is...
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  10. Bug fixing

    • Fixed a potential exploit which makes it possible to create some containers for free.