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Enhanced Storage 6.0.4

A quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.

  1. New storage containers

    • The type of the following objects has been changed to storage container:
      • Metal Barrel
      • Radioactive Barrel
      • Sewage Barrel
      • Toxic Waste Barrel
      • Bloodbank (Apex)
  2. Race-specific storage lockers added

    • Race-specific storage lockers from the last Starbound update are now supported.
  3. Balancing update

    • The capacity of all storage containers has been overhauled. The number of slots now depends on the used area of each container.
      (smaller containers now have lesser capacity than larger ones)
    • The Enhanced Storage mod is now divided in 2 versions:
      • Standard Edition: the increased capacity of storage containers amounts to 24 - 120 slots.
        (e.g. Tech Chest: 32 slots, Lunar Base Crate: 64 slots, Ship Locker: 100 slots)...
  4. Bug fixing

    • Fixed a critical issue that prevented a storage container from spawning its quest item.
      (No more details because possible spoilers)
  5. Capacity adjustment and moveable containers!

    • The capacity for storage containers has been adjusted to the last Starbound update on 3rd February.
      • Containers with originally 9-12 slots now have 48 slots.
        (small containers e.g. Laboratory Locker)
      • Containers with originally 16 slots now have 64 slots.
        (medium containers e.g. Tech Chest)
      • Containers with originally 24-48 slots now have 80 slots.
        (large containers e.g. Lunar Base Lockers)
      • Containers with originally 64 slots now have 100...
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  6. Bug fixing

    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Tarpit Chest and Rainbow Wood Chest from using the capacity of 48 slots.
  7. More storage objects added

    • Objects from missions, which can be crafted from learned blueprints, have been added to the list of changed objects.
      • Lunar Base Crate: inventory size increased to 80 slots.
      • Lunar Base Lockers: inventory size increased to 80 slots.
      • Mining Chest: inventory size increased to 48 slots.
  8. Slightly changes for finished stable update of Starbound

    • Mod Support for Medical Potions has been added.
    • The old mod version for Enraged Koala has been removed from the current download archive.
      (It can be still downloaded separately in the "Version History" on the mod forum page)
  9. Small update to ship lockers

    • The capacity of all ship lockers has been increased to 80 slots.
    • The inventory layout of ship lockers is now similar to the other 48 slots chests.