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EnhancedTemperature 1.3.2 reup

Adds a more complex temperature system to starbound

  1. Uploaded here (again)

    Iris Blanche
    seems the other update didnt work :nuruconfused:
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  2. Uploaded here

    Iris Blanche
    Only re-upload here. No new features.
  3. Small Hotfix

    Iris Blanche
    Fixes a world crash when the lightash weather happens
  4. Bugfixes

    Iris Blanche
    * Fixed statuseffects not being recognized
    * Fixed an error with statuseffects where hypothermia and hyperthermia raises were switched
    * Fixed Scorched City not being recognized
    * Fixed object query for heatsources
    * Added limit to prevent too fast exposure raises
    * (Hopefully) final balance adjustment
  5. 1.3 Update

    Iris Blanche
    Following changes has been made:
    • Added specific ranges for heat sources (not fully balanced yet)
    • Added possibility to add on/off states for hybrid sources
    • Added additional exposure raise delay for special cosmetic equipment (e.g. snow infantry)
    • Changed and rebalanced exposure calculation
    • Changed layer calculation (performance improvement)
    • Removed 100% exposure immunity for armor rating
    • Fixed asteroid layer on planets causing the mod to stop working
    • Fixed faster...
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  6. RP Codex Fix

    Iris Blanche
    Fixed the RP codex icon ^^'
  7. Small RP Update

    Iris Blanche
    * added an RP Codex created by @Inf_Wolf14
    * removed no longer necessary debug information
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  8. Update 1.2

    Iris Blanche
    Following changes have been made:
    • A lot of exposure rebalancing
    • Armor rating now affects exposure raise
    • Special vanity items provide exposure bonus in costume slots
    • Added spacesuit behaviour for airless biomes
    • Added vanilla status effects to exposure change
    • Updated codex
    • Added auto import for planets and removed compatibility cards
    • Exposure raise speed now will be affected by liquids
    • Fixed...
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  9. Savannah Biome Fix

    Iris Blanche
    Fixed a bug where savannah biomes had the wrong status effect attached and caused a not intended behaviour.
    Old savannah (dry grasslands) planets need to be imported with the savannah_compat card to apply this fix. However the log will complain about the missing effect on already generated planets because the info is already stored in the world :/
  10. Small update

    Iris Blanche
    1.1.3 - changed compat flag detection and loading priority