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EP's Shadow Expansion Grammar Fixes

Adds new playable race with themed objects, dungeons and LORE

  1. Nightfall Update is now released

    Evil Parrot
    - New lore!(hidden in game until story update, sorry)
    - New weapons
    - Reworked old weapons and recipes
    - Ship storage locker updated
    - Shadows have no need to breathe now
    - Due to their non-organic nature, shadows cannot be poisoned
    - Added various statuss effects
    - Shadows can't consume normal food or use normal healing items - now they need to "transform" them to use.
    - New crafting station added
    - Added fire and electric vulnerability. Shadows armor can now protect from fire and electricity.
    - Reworked Unbearable Crown. Now it is actually useful.
    - Added various shadow consumables, some can protect from fire and electricity.
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