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Expanded Weapon Generation 10/31/17

Adds new procedurally-generated weapons and abilities, and modifies existing ones.

  1. Make the addons more compatable with Frackin' Universe (and an update of the TOS).

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Seems like this recent update has gotten the attention of the devs behind Frackin' Universe, whom have already incorporated its assets within Frackin' Universe. Because of this, I've decided that the addons will need to be updated a bit, so that they too will be compatable with Frackin' Universe.

    Since this mod (and a handful of others) have been growing into projects that I'm taking great pride in, I thought that maybe now's as good a time as ever to get some proper recognition for all the work that I put into them. While I'm still going to use the CC-BY-4.0 license, I'm now going to make it clear and explicit that I'd like to receive some credit for all the hard work that I put into my mods.

    While I won't pursue any action against anyone who violated the Creative Commons license that I've been using for now, I've changed the Terms of Service, so that anyone wanting to use this mod (or a few other major mods that I've made) in their mod compilations, or alter and redistribute this mod's assets, will only need to send me a notification, and give credit where it's due. Please note that this change will retroactively impact those who have used my mods, or their assets, in their own mods, though those who have already given me credit will, thankfully, be spared.
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