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Outdated Expressive Novakid 1

Never again will the Novakid be expressionless* balls of gas.

  1. ReijiGazpacho
    *aside from crying. How does that work?
    This mod is vanilla-friendly and purely client-side. It presents no dangers to other clients or servers that do not use the mod. The mod has no effect on servers that use it.


    Have you been hyped over the new Novakid race but got disappointed in how they can't express emotion? If so, here's the answer to all your problems!


    Feel free to edit this into your custom race if you like. This whole mod is nothing more than one image override.

    Want this for all seven default races? Get Expressive Everyone!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jack166
    Version: 1
    It looks "weird" but it get's the point done, which is the main goal after all! Such simple yet good mods like these make me feel more like a Novakid instead of a re-textured Human and they also give me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside my belly. Thank You!