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Extended GUI 2.13

Bigger GUI windows

  1. 2.3

    Expanded Cockpit/Navigation
  2. Teleporter window

    Teleporter window has been extended
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  3. Updated to .metadata/.pak format

    Updated to .metadata/.pak format
  4. Updated for Cheerful Giraffe

    Updated for Cheerful Giraffe (Unstable/Nightly)
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  5. No new version for Glad Giraffe

    There's only been a minor cosmetic change to the Furniture UI, the Order button now says Buy. I will not be releasing a new version just to correct this, I will however correct it in a future release. Just use the current version for Glad Giraffe.
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  6. Updated for Pleased Giraffe

    This release is updated for Pleased Giraffe.

    - 3D printer extended.
    - Merchant extended.
    - Frögg furnituring extended.
    - Added colored-coded windows that was introduced.
    - Added shine effect on windows missing them.
    - Cropped vanilla images. Can help centering on lower resolutions.
  7. Sorry, uploaded a .pak instead of .modpak

    Sorry for uploading a .pak instead of a .modpak.

    Download has been fixed.
  8. Finished furnaces & shops

    Done with furnaces & shops and I have uploaded the new version.

    As the mod not only changes the crafting tables but also furnaces, shops, and possibly more later on. I thought it would be better to use a different name.
    From now on it is called Extended GUI.