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Extended Songbook 2.2

Bigger songbook window

  1. 2.2

    Fixed missing close button
  2. Updated to .metadata/.pak format

    Updated to .metadata/.pak format
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  3. Updated for Cheerful Giraffe

    Updated for Cheerful Giraffe (Unstable/Nightly)
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  4. No new version for Glad Giraffe

    There has been no changes to the Songbook UI so there will no new version released.
    Just use the current version for Glad Giraffe.
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  5. Updated for Pleased Giraffe

    This release is updated for Pleased Giraffe.

    - Width slightly increased to match crafting windows
    - Added colored-coded window that was introduced.
    - Changed spacing between songs. Should be 1px instead of 2px.
  6. UI Scroll Faster & Extended Crafting Windows

    This is not a change to Extended Songbook, there's no need to download the file again.

    I was playing a bit yesterday and I don't know about you but it felt like scrolling through the list has become a lot slower than I remembered it. I might also be delusional.

    Anyway, If you feel the same way then I've prepared a separate downloadable mod by the name of UI Faster Scroll that will let you...
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  7. New version for stable-branch (Upbeat Giraffe)

    If you previously downloaded extended-songbook-all-1-0-5.zip off the mirror site then you can use the unstable/nighty version included. You do not have to download this.

    Changes in 1.0.6
    • Now in modpak format.
    • Extended Songbook Slim dropped. Will only add/update if there's a demand.
    • 3 lines shorter to support lower resolutions. Might change design to add more lines in at a later point.
  8. 1.0.5

    Bumped version to Beta v. Enraged Koala.

    Renamed original release to slim so the 2 versions are now named slim & wide.

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  9. 1.0.4

    Fixed the problem with song names getting cut off at the end if the words would not fit inside the songlist.

    If you find any problems with this fix then please let me know.
  10. 1.0.3

    Bumped version to Beta v. Furious Koala (Jan 26)

    The wide version was ninja released a few days ago but I guess it's official now.
    For all you who wanted a wider songbook, enjoy the new wide version!