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Extra Dungeons [For version 1.3.2] Version 0.74

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  1. Brine Star.

    The Observer
    Quickie update:


    Mysterious ruins have popped up on tundra, midnight, volcanic and scorched worlds! What do they hold?

    This update includes a new mission, a supporting worldgen dungeon, and all associated peripherals.

    That should shut up everyone whining about how common maps are, since going forward there will only be one max per world. Bad news, these dungeons actively supplant the dungeons which would otherwise have spawned. You can't win them all; I expect complaints to begin...
  2. Version 0.6 for 1.2.1

    The Observer
    What it says on the tin. Another new mission for alpine biomes, some reward tweaking for challenge labs, and other good stuff like that. Updating some systems for 1.2.1 - they didn't break, but can now be made better.

    Enjoy your Christmas!
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  3. Castle Takeshi!

    The Observer

    Castle Takeshi!

    Ninjas have kidnapped the princess! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue her?

    Maps are available on the ocean floor.

    A simple enough level 3 hack and slash for those who desire to scan artifacts and a linear beat-em-up experience.

    Next time I think I'll be doing a puzzle mission with absolutely no combat at all. This will take considerably longer to make.
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  4. Fix for download link.

    The Observer
    What it says on the title.
  5. Verdant Ruins.

    The Observer
    What it says on the tin. Read the mod description for more!
  6. Fix for infiltration.

    The Observer
    Seems like the music didn't work out, so here's a fix.

    This one should work.
  7. Infiltration.

    The Observer
    The infiltration dungeon has been added to the mix. Enjoy!

    Please let me know if there are any problems entering the missions as I'm experimenting with different .ogg files for the music.
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  8. Sky Boulevard fix.

    The Observer
    Finally found the problem with people unable to enter the Sky Boulevard - it was the music I was using for the level. The music has been changed, and all is well.
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  9. Attempted fixes.

    The Observer
    -Reduced size of Sky Boulevard dungeonworld in an attempt to make loading it easier for those with horrible computers.
  10. The Sky Boulevard.

    The Observer

    -The Sky Boulevard is released! This dungeon is about as hard as I'll ever make them - I'll never ask players to do something which I can't, and I died quite a number of times during playtesting.

    Visit magma worlds to find maps to this level 6 dungeon!

    Furthermore, all mission quests will reward two action figurines upon completion, for those who'd rather not do mind-numbing farming for their figurines. This only affects new characters, unfortunately, since you can't redo these...
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