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Extra Dungeons [For version 1.3.2] Version 0.74

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  1. The Sky Boulevard.

    The Observer

    -The Sky Boulevard is released! This dungeon is about as hard as I'll ever make them - I'll never ask players to do something which I can't, and I died quite a number of times during playtesting.

    Visit magma worlds to find maps to this level 6 dungeon!

    Furthermore, all mission quests will reward two action figurines upon completion, for those who'd rather not do mind-numbing farming for their figurines. This only affects new characters, unfortunately, since you can't redo these...
  2. Lethia Labs

    The Observer

    Lethia Labs is released!

    Lethia Labs is a tier 6 dungeon aimed at recreating the atmosphere of oldie games such as Alien Breed and Alien Swarm. Visit moons to encounter microdungeons bearing maps to this dungeon!

    I've tried a few different things with the new tools that came with 1.0, so please send in your feedback in comments!
  3. Fixes.

    The Observer

    -Fixed crew members and pets causing boss gates to freeze up.
    -Added The Tower Invincible, a new level 6 dungeon.
    -You will now no longer experience hunger in dungeon worlds.
  4. Minor fix part 2.

    The Observer
    Fix for the ancient temple's spawn point.
  5. Spawnpoint fix.

    The Observer
    Fixing the ancient temple spawn point.
  6. Updating the mod for 1.0.

    The Observer
    Changelog in main body.

    Please let me know if there are any bugs, or any portion of the dungeon is broken.
  7. Minor fix.

    The Observer
    Minor fix to the evernight jungle mission, in which players were starting in the wrong position.

    Sorry about that.
  8. Forests, swamps and cultists.

    The Observer
    Not much to report. Two extra missions to add to the mix. Maps may be found in midnight and swamp biomes.

    Since I really want to take advantage of the stuff in nightly, there will probably be no new missions until the next stable update.

    Please continue reporting all bugs.
  9. More Stuff!

    The Observer
    Small update here.

    *One more dungeon which may be found snow worlds (apex).
    *One more dungeon which may be found on jungle worlds (floran).
    *Missions now have their tiers in brackets next to them.