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FausTech Gear 1.9.4

Multiplayer friendly roleplay equipment and items!

  1. FausTech Gear 1.9.3

    Hello hello! So after a few months I realized I had this mod listed, yet not updated to a proper vanilla-friendly state. So I fixed that and here it is uploaded for you all.
    The previous versions required recipes and all that, blah blah blah - nope this is all in one object. Craft it up at your local Inventor's Table (of any level) and after throwing in five tungsten bars you'll be able to plop out a brand new FausTech Atelier.

    Sure it looks just like an iron crafting table, but she's got all the most used FausTech items in there for anyone to be able to craft. You'll need only the required materials and two seconds of your time. I tried to keep the recipes for crafting relevant because I'm a filthy roleplayer and if you can't be bothered then you can hit up good ol' /admin to get whatcha want. Everybody wins.

    As always if you folks would have any requests please send 'em to me. I don't always get notifications for steam messages, so I apologize if it seems that I've ignored you!


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